Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Watch Me" by Brenda Novak

Sheridan Kohl returns to the town of Whiterock twelves years after she was nearly killed by a gunman who murdered the boy she was with. There's been a development in the case and she wants to lay the past to rest. However, her arrival is met with another attack that nearly kills her. She is saved by Cain Granger, stepbrother of the boy Sheridan was with twelve years ago, and the man she has been in love with ever since a teenager. However, Cain is pinpointed by chief of police Ned Smith and his own stepfather John Wyatt as the prime suspect in both crimes - they happened on or near his property. Another murder makes things very difficult for Cain, and he struggles with his feelings for Sheridan while trying to prove his own innocence and keep her safe.

"Watch Me" is a surprisingly decent mystery that doesn't overplay the romantic angst and keeps the identity of the villian neatly hidden. Everybody has a plausible motive for murder. Sure, that means it could have been anybody, but I prefer that to Scooby-Doo surprise baddies with ridiculous motives. The only real complaint here is the way every single female character in the story is completely and totally in love with Cain Granger. One is obsessed with him. It's hard to figure out why. He doesn't seem like a bad guy, but other than that he's kind of dull. Not the best of its genre, but far from the worst.

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