Sunday, February 12, 2012

"The Marchand Sisters: In The Dark" by Judith Arnold

Julie Sullivan works at the Marchand Hotel, a comfortable life after her early years as a fashion model when she was a teen. Back then, her testimony put a model agency owner in prison for exploiting his young employees and supplying them with drugs. This man, Glenn Parry, swore to get revenge. Mac Jensen has been hired by Julie's sister Marcie to protect her, as Glenn Parry is finally out of jail. He's masquerading as the hotel's head of security in order to fulfil his duties. There are instant sparks between Mac and Julie, but he must hide his true identity while he tries to figure out who is sending her threatening e-mails. Glenn Parry seems the likely party - or is he?

This is apparently part one in a twelve-part series involving the people who run the Marchand Hotel (not just the Marchand sisters). It's a fairly plotless piece of romantic suspense drivel, though not as awful as it could have been. The plot never goes beyond the threatening e-mails Julie is receiving, so the story is not likely to tax your brain too much. There is some intrigue regarding somebody potentially trying to sabotage the hotel, as well as some missing transferred funds attributed to the Marchands' late father, but I'm assuming those will be explored in later novels, as no explanations are provided here for those story strands. I don't know if I'm intrigued enough to hunt down the eleven (11!!!) other books in the series, but if you're after a book you can read, not get too aggravated by, and then forget once it's over, this one fits the bill.

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