Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sarah Murdoch is the biggest hypocrite ever

I was watching the news last night when there was a report about Sarah Murdoch claiming she felt bad for the families affected by Pacific Brand knocking off 1800 jobs while raising the salaries of the big bosses. But when asked if she'd leave the company she replied: "I'm not answering that!" Obviously, despite being married to a multi-millionaire and earning bucketloads through promoting the company, she can't bear to part with any cash to help the jobless out. Does she seriously think anybody is stupid enough to think she's sincere?

To top that off, I read on today that she's joined a "panel" to promote women having a healthy opinion of themselves no matter what their size. This from a woman who has made her entire living off of what she looks like: skinny and blonde. This from a woman who parades around in her undies for the company mentioned above. Does she seriously think anybody is stupid enough to think she's sincere?

I think she's an idiot.

On another topic entirely, I notice that "Guerilla Gardeners" still has a primetime slot on Channel 10. Is anybody watching this? I read (also on that it had disastrous ratings upon its debut, yet it has still lasted for another week. Why? Channel 10 seemingly targets the 16-39 year-old demographic. I thought gardening shows were aimed at the 30-55 year old demographic that Channels 7 and 9 target. So just because they're gardening outlaws makes it cool? Gardening is still boring - all the other gardening shows are on a Friday night when most people between 16-39 are out or simply watching something more interesting. The show must be cheap to produce, which is why it has lasted longer than any of the recent shows Channel 10 has imported from the US.

However, should the Guerilla Gardeners dig a big hole and dump Sarah Murdoch in it and plant some trees on top of her, I would probably tune in to watch.


  1. Agree totally about Sarah Murdoch, but as a person who's been 39 for the past 17 years I must say I think your thoughts on gardening suck.
    I'd also like to say that I love your blog and that you obviusly get your writing talents from your incredible mother.

  2. Obviusly??!! Sorry, I meant obviously, haven't even had a drink yet.